16 Ways to be More Effective on Social Media

Social Media Marketing works more if you actually have a Website/Blog. Your website is your home, and with Social Media you are sending out invitations to come visit your place/website.

This article will walk you through 16 methods for increasing your followers across your social media accounts. There are three underlying elements that must take place in order for these to work:

YOU must be consistent. If you use any (or all) of these strategies for two weeks, and then give up and move onto something else, they won’t work. These need to be practiced consistently over the long haul to be effective. If you have limited time and resources to commit to social media, I’d recommend choosing only a handful of these strategies and then making sure you carry them out consistently.

YOU must know what your audience really wants. What you think they want and what they actually want may very well be two different things. Take a look at your analytics to see which types of posts and content have been most popular; this is what they want to see more of.

YOU must be a good social media citizen. While some of the tips may seem more like social media best practices, keep in mind that growing on social media is as much about keeping your current followers as it is about gaining new ones.

1. Put social share buttons on your blog posts: Make sure you include social media share buttons on each blog post, not just in your sidebar.

2. Post original, relevant, up to date content: This requires some outside-the-box thinking. Sharing other people’s content should be a valuable part of your strategy, but make sure to share your knowledge and insights as well.

3. Add a Clear Pictures of your product, story, or a logo of your business: Our brain remembers colors much easier than text. Pictures should be clear, so people recognize your posts.

4. Reach out to influencers: Find influencers in your niche and share their content, tag or mention them, or comment on their blogs. As you build relationships, they are more likely to share your content with their followers.

5. Periodically channel your email subscribers to your social media accounts: Every once in a while, encourage your email subscribers to follow you on social media.

6. Link to your social media accounts on your Contact and About Us pages: These visitors are already reaching out to you; give them another way to connect with you.

7. Identify popular posts to get more shares: Getting new fans often comes down to how often your content gets shared. Identify the most popular posts in your niche.

8. Be responsive: Posting engaging content is just one piece of the puzzle. Respond to questions, comments, and complaints in a timely manner.

9. Hold giveaways and contests: Hold contests and make liking your Page or following your Twitter account a requirement for entry. Offer your social media followers exclusive discounts, freebies, or coupon codes.

10. Actively find and follow others: Don’t just count on others to find you; go out and actively find others in your niche whom you can follow and engage with.

11. Tell stories: To avoid being overtly promotional, use stories to connect with and engage your fans. Stories are far more likely to be shared than promotional content.

12. Use relevant hashtags: Find relevant and trending hashtags. Use these in your posts to attract new followers who are searching for those hashtags.

13. Streamline your efforts: Being active and engaged on a few social networks will net you more followers over the long haul than sporadically posting on many networks.

14. Post often: Optimal posting frequency will differ between networks and audiences. Test out different posting frequencies and see which ones result in the most engagement and shares.

15. Focus on quality over quantity: While posting often is important, social media growth is more likely to happen when you’re focusing on sharing amazing, quality content that you know your audience loves.

16. Link to your social media accounts everywhere: Don’t be shy about linking to your social media accounts. Do so in your newsletter, email signature, blog, etc.

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